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- Determining rice grades using rice grader machine
- Paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg improves scientific technology
- Using rice polisher to take paddy seed
- Be inherently inferior to rubber roll husker
- During rice storage in rice destoner

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 Determining rice grades using rice grader machine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There are two important aspects that need to be considered in determining rice grades using rice grader machine; grading technique and determinants to be used for grading (usually referred as rice attributes). Many approaches and techniques have been used in the determination of the features of rice for grading purpose. These are the image processing together with NN, Wavelet Packet and Support Vector Machine, Contacting Angle Analysis method (separating contacting rice grain), Multi-threshold method based on maximum entropy (chalkiness), Minimum rectangle (MER)(length and width), image processing and the Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS), image processing, image processing and NN with support from computer vision systems and machine vision systems. Most of the researchers have used image processing and NN method in their works. Image processing have been used to extract the features in rice and based on these features extracted, chosen rice is classified or graded using the NN method.

Rice grading is important in determining rice quality and its subsequent price in the market. It is an important process applied in the rice production industry with the purpose of ensuring that the rice produced for the market meets the quality requirements of consumer. Two important aspects that need to be considered in determining rice grades are grading technique and determinants to be used for grading (usually referred as rice attributes).

Today's image processing techniques has become an increasingly popular and cost effective method in rice grading. Yoshioka et al. evaluated the effectiveness of image information processing to measure and categorize chalkiness. These results generated an accuracy rate of 90.2% in discriminating level of chalkiness. Aghayeghazvini et al. determined percentage of broken rice by using image analysis. This work indicates that the digital image processing technique can be used for estimating broken grains. Determination of the size and size distribution of rice and the amount of broken rice kernels using flatbed scanning and image analysis was developed by Dalen. It was concluded that image analysis yields the same accuracy and better precision than manual time consuming method. A digital image analysis algorithm based on 7 colour features namely mean value of red (R), mean value of green (G), mean value of blue (B), mean value of hue (H), mean value of saturation (S), mean value of intensity (I), the standard deviation of H and morphological features such as area, length, width, major axis length, minor axis length and others were developed by Yan et al. to identify rice seeds planted in Zhejiang province.

The whitening roll is made up of a cylindrical cast-iron roll which is tightly fitted to the main shaft. The whitening roll has a helical protrusion with an opening at the side to permit air to pass through the rice whitener machine for cooling purposes. Brown rice upon reaching the whitening chamber moves between the cylindrical castiron roll and the movable perforated screen vertically.

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 Paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg improves scientific technology Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Rice is our human main meal in our daily life, especially in foreign countries. However, in recent years, rice milling machine industry faces depression affected by global economic crisis. rice milling machine in China and foreign countries strikes the market, bringing big economic pressure to rice milling machine suppliers. Faced with depressive market, paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg improves scientific technology to realize rice milling machine industry development. rice milling machine should reduce energy consumptions at maximum by bring in advanced machinery, enhancing operation efficiency and decreasing management and financial costs. Only by mutual hard work of the rice milling machine supplier and the government, can the rice milling machine industry get better development in market depression.

The husk as received from Rice Mills and charged into a dust separator, then sieved to separate dust from husk. The rice husk is then dried and powdered. The powdered rice husk is then segregated according the size. Cleaned husk and the powdered husk is charged into a blender separately and then mixed and coated with a propriety resin on to the Husk which is called furnish. The "Furnish" is spread over a carrier sheet to a pre-determined thickness manually, layer by layer to form a sandwich (fines-coarse-fines) and charged on to a loading cage. The loading cage shall load all the 7 sets into a 7 day light opening hydraulic hot press.

Complete sets of engineering In order to satisfy the users' different demands of rice milling equipment performance, and china-zjlg absorb the advantage of the rice milling equipment at home and abroad, and combining the actual situation of user rice raw materials, the development of different types of international configuration sets of rice milling equipment, using large-scale industrialized production and strict quality control procedures, to help users obtain cost-effective sets of rice milling equipment, and by the professional engineering company to provide users with design, manufacture, installation, supervision, commissioning, training, and other one-stop service.

An automatic control system was developed for controlling rice whitener. The system was designed based on machine vision and fuzzy logic techniques. The developed system had a high accuracy in controlling of the whitening machine. Performance speed of the system was satisfactorily higher than human operator. Decisions made by the system resulted in a good improvement in the quality of product.

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 Using rice polisher to take paddy seed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Paddy seed were taken from paddy silo storage after drying by using rice polisher. The moisture content of the paddy seed was 12% which is the safe moisture content for paddy seed in silo storage. They were then brought to a laboratory and stored at room temperature in a closed tight container and the moisture content of the seeds was checked by using G7 grain moisture meter).The sample taken consist of paddy seeds and other foreign materials such as paddy husks, soil, chaff, stones, weed, rice straw, stalks, and insects. An air screen cleaner was used to separate seeds and foreign materials. The sample was filtered for five times. Paddy seeds and paddy husks were later collected to be used in the experiment. Paddy seeds and paddy husks were arranged in a 6x5 array for 20% husk (6 husk and 24 paddy seeds), 40% husk (12 husk and 18 paddy seeds), 60% husk (18 husk and 12 paddy seeds), 100% husk (30 husk) and 100% paddy seeds (30 paddy seeds) with 10 replications.

Generally, rice kernels are often susceptible to breakage due to inefficient milling processes. Therefore, more efficient milling processes are highly recommended for better recovery ratio and quality rice kernel production. It is also identified as one of the most important remedies for preventing post-harvest loss and an issue that is widely recognized around the world. With the facts mentioned above, this study tries to explore the conversion ratio of paddy in India by two different milling techniques–modern and traditional mills. Variation in the conversion ratio among the Indian States is analysed along with an inter-state comparison of conversion ratios.

Using a friction laboratory mill, a series of milling tests were carried out with long- and bold-grained rice, IR 36. The process of milling can be divided into husking and polishing; husking was rapid, while polishing was relatively slow. Prolonged continuous-milling increased the degree of polishing slightly, but caused a drastic increase in breakage. The intermittent-milling permits an over milling without an increase in breakage. No reduction in the percentage of broken rice was achieved by 2-stage milling, i.e. husking by a rubber roll huller and then polishing by a mill.

The initial moisture content of paddy samples was determined on wet basis by automatic rice destoner. Grain micrometer with an accuracy of 0.02 mm was used to measure length (L), width (W) and thickness (T) of both paddy and brown rice kernels, chosen randomly from each particular cultivar. Other physical properties were then determined from these three major linear dimensions.

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 Be inherently inferior to rubber roll husker Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Rice as an agricultural material must have its husk removed (husked) in order to be useable as a commercial product. Two types of machine are commonly adopted in husking; impeller type and rubber roller husker. In impeller type husking machines the rice is scattered radially and husked by the impact of collision with an external surround. The impeller type huskers are not inherently inferior to rubber roll huskers, but continuing advancements of rubber roll type have led to their diminished use.

The processing of rice involves a number of discrete operations from husking to whitening and polishing. The efficiency of each affects the quality and hence market value of the finished product. Further, each of the operations is energy intensive and because the through put is so great can cause extreme wear to many of the machine parts. There is therefore great interest in maximising the efficiency, increasing machine reliability, and minimising damage to grains during such operations.

The husking performance of different rubbers was compared for changes in the applied normal load. It was found that grains rotate between the rubber counter-faces on initial motion before being husked. In addition, harder rubbers were found to husk a higher proportion of entrained grains at lower applied normal load. By measuring the coefficient of friction between rice and rubber samples, the shear force required to husk a given percentage of grains could be calculated and was shown to be constant regardless of rubber type. Based on the mechanism seen in the high speed video it was evident that there was a limiting shear stress that was the governing factor over the husked ratio.

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 During rice storage in rice destoner Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fumigants are commonly used to prevent or eliminate insect infestations during rice storage in rice destoner. During 2010, 8.5 million cwt of rice were fumigated in California, using 12,327 pounds of fumigant active ingredients (DPR 2011). Prior to our survey, the extent to which other management practices, such as monitoring, sanitation and aeration, are used in stored rice was unknown.

The industry is moving forward despite considerable challenges in the last year. Market recessions in regions such as South America along with overcapacities in China and ongoing political challenges have led to cancellations of orders.

Sharp drops in raw material prices, such as rice and grain, also put a brake on investments, suppliers noted. Devaluation of the euro by some 10% has impacted suppliers’ cost base and competitiveness.

The world rice production for over almost a decade (2003–2012) is as shown. In 2003, about 580 million tons of rice was produced worldwide, 602 million tons in 2004, 620 million tons in 2005, and 622 million tons in 2006. The production continued to grow yearly; by 2007, the production had risen to 648 million tons. The production reached the peak in 2011 with a total production 720 million tons in order to feed the increasing global population. Furthermore, the world’s annual production growth rate was stagnated in 2012. The reason could be attributed to natural disaster such as storm, tornado, and unfavourable climate as reported.

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